Specializing in Minimally Invasive Surgery
We specialize in minimally
invasive surgery including:

Reflux Surgery
Esophageal Myotomy for Achalasia

General Surgical service for
treatment of the following:

Anorectal Disease
Breast Disease
Dialysis Access
Endocrine Disease
Gastrointestinal Disease
Lower Extremity Venous Disease
Skin Cancer
Trauma Surgery
Pediatric Surgery

McLeod Health

Breast Disease
Benign Disease

A cyst is a mass that is filled with fluid. Cysts frequently change with hormone levels and may be painful. Treatment is decided upon by the appearance of the cyst on ultrasound as well as the symptoms of the patient.

A fibroadenoma is a solid mass that occurs in the female breast. This is a discrete mass that usually feels very hard or rubbery. On examination, the mass is frequently able to be moved around slightly. The peak ages of presentation are 15 - 25 years, but can be seen at any age. This mass is completely benign and has no chance of turning into cancer.

Nipple Discharge
Nipple discharge is extremely common. Only rarely is it associated with cancer. Discharge that is bloody and comes from only one duct has an approximately 20% chance of being associated with a cancer.

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